Looking for a RAW Clickfunnels Review? Clickfunnels comes with A LOT of hype. But is it really worth it compared to other products, Or will it just DRAIN your wallet?

Clickfunnels review: Is it worth it?

Clickfunnels is Russel Brunson’s slick landing page builder and so much more. It’s got a slick set of features and is easy to use – but it is also pretty pricey – so is it worth buying?

Whether you own your own local business, run an e-commerce store, or are an affiliate marketer – Clickfunnels was made to make your life easier.

As a drag and drop landing page builder it has made it easier than ever to make a great looking landing page.

Other landing page builders have also come out recently and have really given Clickfunnels a run for it’s money.

I know how frustrating it can be to spend the time to compare products and finally make a decision to buy one only to find out it’s not what you were hoping for…

That’s why I have made a thorough and honest review to try and give you everything you need to know to choose the best option for you – because guess what? Clickfunnels is not for everyone! 

Despite newer and lower-cost competition, Clickfunnels remains one of the best sales funnel software solutions out there.

*Please note that I am a Clickfunnels affiliate and I make a commission if you purchased from my link.

Topics Discussed:

1.What does clickfunels do?

2.What is a sales funnel?

3.What do I like about Clickfunnels?

4.What I don’t like about Clickfunnels

5.Finally, Is clickfunnels Worth it


Clickfunnels allows you to create landing pages, sales funnels, upsells and downsells and create membership sites very easily. 

ClickFunnels also integrates with Paypal, Stripe, and many other types of payment processors. This has made it a go-to service for online marketers because it is easy to accept payments online.

Say for example your a health and wellness coach and you do one on one consulting and offer an online course. With Clickfunnels you can send traffic to your landing (aka sales) page and get people to opt-in your your email list.

Once they have done that, they are given the option to buy your course or get a free e-book. If they buy the course they are then given an additional page to get one on one coaching from you. All of this can be done directly on right on Clickfunnels without having a website or paying for any additional software.

Clickfunnels also allows comes with it’s own analytics software where you can see how successful your sales page is. It also allows you to A/B test your sales pages very easily so you can optimize your pages for the most sales or leads.


Prior to really starting to get into this review, it is important to understand the importance of sales funnels and its function in generating maximum profit.

The whole point of creating a sales funnel is to get a potential customers email. Think of getting an email like getting a girls phone number. It is the most step in starting a fruitful relationship…

But just like getting a girls number doesn’t mean you will seal the deal, getting someone’s email doesn’t mean you will make a sale – but it does increase your chances!

The sooner you get the email, the quicker you can begin starting a relationship with the potential customer and pre-sell them on your product or service.

Like a good movie or book, you want to create an emotional connection with your audience and build it up to a crescendo that is key in creating the gold standard of business currency: trust. Once you have gained the visitor’s trust, it is far easier for them to make a purchase decision.

From there, the sales funnel method would require you to send the customer to a sales page. The sales page must be a standout page, one that has been specially designed and formatted in such a way so that people simply cannot wait to part with their money for a purchase.

Most of the time, a good sales page will comprise of a catchy headline, accompanied by relevant videos or images, as well as bullet points that provide a quick yet informative reference on how the purchase would benefit one’s life. All of these will work in tandem to keep your visitor excited, and hopefully, make a purchase.

Once your customer has entered their credit card and made the purchase, this is the best time to continue the journey of this nice, warm fuzzy feeling that they have, and offer them a special single or additional One Time Offers (OTOs), and other kinds of upsells and downsells.

The whole idea is to maximize the profit of each customer. Let’s take a look at this:

Lets say your company is seeing a conversion rate of 10% for each person that visits your sales funnel. Now lets say that item is worth $10 a pop, netting you a net profit of $5. So for each 100 visitors, you will average 10 sales,  and get $50 profit.

But what would happen if you were able to upsell 30% of your customers, as they decide to splurge on a $10 for an additional item, while another 10% of will sign up for an annual package of $500?

Your mind might be blown after crunching the numbers…

Now for each 100 visitors who visit your sales funnel, you will sell 10 items, a trio of additional items, and a single annual package. This results in a profit of $600, which translates to a whopping 1,200% increase in profit.

Now the increased profit margins will allow you the necessary leverage to outspend your business rivals in crucial areas such as advertisements that will further increase the number of potential customers who will walk right into my sales funnel.

With so many different types of sales funnels available, it is important to come up with one that has been tailor-made for your business model. While that used to be difficult and challenging, it is much easier to implement with Clickfunnels.

WHAT DO I LIKE About Clickfunnels?

Beautiful Funnel Blueprints

Funnel Blueprints

Clickfunnels comes stock with a comprehensive database of beautifully premade templates. They are easy to use and take just minutes to set up.

Clickfunnels also has a marketplace where you can buy and sell free or paid templates. But don’t worry because buying templates isn’t necessary for most people, there is a huge variety of templates that come built in for free. 

Easy-to-use Visual Drag and Drop Editor
picture shows an exampleof what the work dashboard for clickfunnels looks like

Anyone who has used landing page software before will really appreciate Clickfunnels easy drag and drop editor. Gone are the days of making minor tweaks and constantly relaunching the sales page to make sure the changes look the way you want them to look.

With the Clickfunnels editor, any changes you make will look exactly the same when you launch the page. This will seriously save you so much time and a lot of frusturation.

Lots of Features to Choose From
Widgets/ Elements you can add on your funnels

Elements, otherwise known as widgets, are the cogs in the sales funnel that really lets you personalize your sales page.

This is another powerful feature that puts Clickfunnels in a category on its own because it comes stock with many powerful widgets that other landing page soft currently doesn’t.

Things such as SMS Sign up, Surveys, Pricing Tables, Progress Bars, Facebook Comments, FAQ Blocks and Countdown Timers, and Custom HTML can really help with conversions, and ultimately mean more money in your pocket.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program
Clickfunnels affiliate dashboard

One of my favourite things about Clickfunnels is their amazing affiliate program and it’s Dream Car program. It is super simple to join and you get great commissions if people join under you.

The Clickfunnels affiliate program gets you 40% commission for each person that signs up with your affiliate link + it is a “sticky cookie”. So that means if they click your link on their mobile phone, and then purchase on their computer, you still get the commission.

Unlike other affiliate programs like Amazon, there is no expiration date on the sticky cookie. So if someone buys Clickfunnels from your link, you will earn commissions from that referral as long as they keep paying.

Clickfunnels also comes built-in with a ton of upsells. So you could potentially make a lot more than just the monthly recurring revenue. After all, Russell Brunson is the master of funnels, so people who buy Clickfunnels will usually buy other products as well.

One cool feature that is part of the affiliate program is the Sharefunnel. This allows you to share any funnel that you make with anyone else.

So let’s say you make a kick-ass funnel for a real estate agent. You can use that funnel to give to other real estate agents for free.

Then if they like the funnel and decide to buy Clickfunnels, you will also get credited with their purchase.

Also, Clickfunnels will now PAY for your re-marketing campaign.

That means that if someone clicks your affiliate link, Clickfunnels will spent their money on ads to entice the user to purchase Clickfunnels.

This makes their affiliate program 10x more valuable in my opinion and it makes promoting them a no-brainer.

What I don’t Like about Clickfunnels:

#1: Adding a funnel can be slow

Picking a funnel type and template and adding it to your account can take up to 10 seconds every time you do so. I know, not a huge deal but it can be an annoyance.

#2: There are funnel creation and visitor limits

The ClickFunnels base plan has a limit of 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors per month. This kind of sucks when you first look at it.

But when you really think about it, if you are getting 20,000 visitors a month you can easily afford to go for the upgraded unlimited plan.

#3: Pricing

While ClickFunnels boasts of a rather wide range of features and functions, it can be a little expensive for some users. $97 is a lot of money for people just starting out no matter how you cut it.


So, there you have it. If you ended up on this page because you were comparing ClickFunnels vs LeadPages or ClickFunnels vs SamCart, you now know everything you need to know to make your decision.

While LeadPages and SamCart are certainly useful tools that have their own strengths, we have found that ClickFunnels is the best all-encompassing tool for businesses.